Leopard 1

Full disclosure—this blouse is the first animal print I’ve ever owned in my 26 years of fashion. When I first started growing into my stilettos circa 2010, it seemed animal print was considered gauche unless you were from New Jersey or an AARP member.

Leopard 2

So, with leopard and cheetah being the print du jour this fall, I channeled my inner Karen Walker and purchased this silk leopard print blouse from Equipment. Needless to say I’m obsessed, and I’m ready to shed my training wheels, possibly moving on to a faux-fur leopard print coat (this one is currently on my wish list). Right now, I’m loving how fashion is embracing what could otherwise be considered “over the top” trends, brought down to earth by jeans and sneakers.

Leopard 4

Shirt: Equipment | Jeans: J Brand | Shoes: Marc Fisher, sold out (similar) | Bag: Kate Spade 

I recently sent my sister a snapshot of this faux fur coat, advising her that I desperately need it but alas am not glam enough to justify the purchase. Her response: “no, you def are glam enough, your surrounding just can’t match.” Her advice was an important reminder that fashion is about wearing what makes you happy regardless of your surroundings. So you never know; you just might catch me in the produce aisle donning a white faux fur shrug this winter.




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