Back to Basics

September… the time of year when you begin to hear leaves crunch beneath Manolos, Foie de Bois candles are in high demand, and you debate whether or not that cream Acne sweater is actually different from one you already own. September is one of my favorite months, because it signifies the start of fall––a time to reflect on the year winding down as well as the promising season ahead. It also happens to be my birthday month, which naturally triggers additional time for reflection.

Garance Dore Cape Print

This past year I started a blog as a way to creatively document my love for fashion. It’s been an integral way to stay close to one of my passions, especially during long weeks at the office. When the month of August rolled around, I wasn’t feeling very inspired. I had seen enough floral maxi’s and sundresses on my Instagram feed, and enough Levi cut-offs and straw totes to last a lifetime. So I took the month of August off to reflect on why I started a blog and what I want the content to look and feel like going forward.

There also seems to be a theme of reflection in fashion this September. Vogue is reflecting on their 125th anniversary, retail is reflecting on what their next move is and should be, all amongst reflection and anticipation of the shows, months, and collections ahead. With buzz surrounding the lack of buzz (and designers) at New York Fashion Week this fall, it brings to question where fashion––specifically American fashion––is also heading.

Looking ahead, fall is the time to get back to basics. During fashion week, I anticipate New Yorkers getting back to their street style roots, donning outfits that look like we give a damn (no politic reference intended). Peacocks proudly displaying jewel-encrusted buckles on satin shoes, (faux) fur coats in jewel-toned colors and animal prints, and head-to-toe velvet accompanied by Art Deco inspired jewelry and vintage accessories.

In addition to vintage inspired neckerchiefs, berets, and mini skirt suits, monogram and label saturated handbags, belts, and silk shirts (think Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior) have crept back onto the Instagram feeds of fashion’s elite. Specifically, paying homage to the icons of the late 90s and early 2000s who donned sequin baguette bags and the original Hangisi pumps.

This fall it seems we’re all getting back to basics, perhaps this season not taking ourselves too seriously. Getting back to our roots of styling strut-worthy outfits, whether heading down a runway or 5th avenue. For those of us who don’t live amongst our fellow peacocks in the concrete jungle? Our Instagram feeds will have to do for now.

| print by Garance Doré |




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